Your home’s address will help you determine not only the future value for your investment, but also many aspects of your everyday life. Location creates desirability and desirability creates demand which leads to increase in real estate prices. Not only the demand, but your location also indirectly affects your status symbol in the society.  Along with considering the present state of the location, you should also consider the future of the same.

When it comes to Residential projects, neighborhood plays an important part for selecting the location. Any parent would like to see their children grow up in a neighborhood where they live active lives and learn to socialize with kids their age.

There are some factors which you should consider carefully while selecting a location for your adobe:

  • Proximity to point of interest:

One of the biggest factors that affect the decision of buyers in terms of location is the property’s proximity to the things that matter most to them. SHIVALIK PARADISE is located in the most contemporary area, where the basic amenities will be around the corner.

  • Family-friendly amenities and features:

Ideally, you should pick communities that are populated by families and those that have multiple options in terms of indoor and outdoor recreation, such as daycare centers, gyms, playgrounds and parks. SHIVALIK PARADISE is located in Manekbaug, which is within easy reach of the city’s most popular entertainment, leisure and shopping destinations. It also has exclusive children’s play areas and party lawn with exquisite landscaped garden and pleasant sit outs.

  • Commute time and public transport options:

The length of time it takes to get to work can be a determining factor in the decision to move to a new locale.  Also, public transportation options can be inexpensive, time-saving way for you and your family to get around. SHIVALIK PARADISE takes care of both the points as it is positioned in the city as well as it has BRTS facility near-by.

Be surrounded by the very best by choosing your home with SHIVALIK PARADISE!

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