Celebrate this Uttarayan in a bird-friendly manner!

Uttarayan, also known as the festival of kites, is referred to as the day of good health and a wealthy beginning. The term Uttarayan is derived from Sanskrit, ‘uttara’ (North) and ‘ayana’ (movement). It brings with it much celebration, competition, fun and excitement throughout.

Each year, during Uttarayan, the city’s skyline wears a magnificent look, dotted with colourful kites. However, this spells trouble for thousands of birds that get injured, because of the deadly manja (thread used for flying kites). Despite the ban on Chinese manja and lanterns, its execution remains questionable and the use still continues. Happiness and celebration, at the cost of lives of the birds, is absolutely not a good idea.

The soaring diamond-shaped beauties pose imminent danger for the birds. Officials have concluded that early morning and late evening are the times when birds leave their nests to seek food and return home, respectively. This is the time that threatens their very existence.

Here are some ways you can make this Sankranti safer for birds –

1. Replace Chinese manja with the cotton manja.

2. If you come across any stray strings of Chinese manja, collect and burn the same. Destroying them will save birds from getting entangled in it or worse, unknowingly feed on them.

3. Kite flyers should manoeuvre their kites away from the birds, and in case if a bird is injured, it should be immediately moved to a rescue centre and treated.

4. If you see an injured bird, hold it with a clean piece of cloth, cover it with a box, give it some water and call the helpline ASAP.

5. Don’t fly kites near the power lines, roads, trees, buildings or vehicles.

6. Never attach any items to your kite or kite line – this may cause injury to birds and people as well, once the kite is cut.

7. When you save an injured bird, keep it in a corner and at a safe place, away from potential predators.

8. Do not pour water and do not apply or feed any medicines on your own to the birds.

9. Respect lives and don’t play with injured birds, taking photographs and selfies for fun.

A little care and awareness will go a long way in saving lives of the birds. Make sure to keep the helpline numbers handy, including the numbers of your vicinity. Please do not make your pleasure a cause of their death. They too have a family!

Let birds fly this Uttarayan!

Sneak Peek into Brand Shivalik

Shivalik entered the Real Estate industry in 1996 and it entered with a bang. In its very first year of inception, formerly known as S.N. Developers, it created a boom in the market, with residential projects that are considered to be a major landmark and centre of premium living, till date. Since day one, Shivalik has focused on the core aspects, such as the product, customer engagement, timely delivery, clear communication and conversion of lands to landmarks. Shivalik has been turned into a vertically and horizontally integrated progressive lifestyle real estate developer.

Shivalik has reimagined the city with exclusive designs, constantly driven by passion, determination and innovation. The journey of growth was divided into different steps, making it a success story, gradually. In the year 2001, Shivalik made its entry with Shivalik Arcade in Ahmedabad. The city was gifted with yet another commercial space ‘Shivalik Plaza’ in 2003. Thereafter, year 2005 marked the commencement of a series of commercial buildings, further expanding in the city of ‘Rajkot’ with multiple commercial series of ‘Shivalik I’ to ‘Shivalik VII’ and ‘Shivalik I’ to ‘Shivalik X’ in Ahmedabad, respectively. Then the textile city of Surat welcomed ‘Shivalik Western’ that shaped malls and shopping centres. Later in the year 2009, Shivalik set a benchmark in the areas of design and innovation. Shivalik Abaise & Highstreet were the clear evidence for the same.

The goal of a successful journey can be achieved only when working together. Team-work was and is the key and only technical skilled manpower could inspire to achieve the best of quality. Shivalik’s dedicated team includes 31 technical engineers, 6 quality auditors, 3 persons of legal cadre, 22 administrative staff, 14 marketing personnel, 7 architects and 5 structural consultants.

Shivalik is backed by an excellent Management Team. Mr. Satish Shah, the Founder and Chairman, endeavors in making stringent quality measures and also reviews the same timely for the better-proven results. Mr. Chitrak Shah, the Managing Director, with his core competency in planning and designing, has proved to be a major contributor towards attaining success. Mr. Taral Shah, another Managing Director and sibling, draws marketing plans that are more tactical and real-time in the structure. Together, they all are champions with one vision of going global, making better lives.

Being the recipient of numerous awards is the proof of quality delivered at all times. Shivalik has given more than 55 projects since 1996, transforming spaces into an urban playground to live and work, all on prime locations. Thus, it can be rightly concluded, Shivalik has been creating spaces that inspire people and improve their quality life. Each and every detail of design is taken care of, in the entire building process because each living space is an expression of lifestyle through architecture and design.

Decoding Demonetization

On 8th November, 2016, our nation suffered an economic heart attack that not only affected our heart, but also our mind and soul. ‘Demonetization’ – a masterstroke move by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, turned the lives of people living in every nook and corner of our nation upside down, in just one midnight. Within a blink of an eye, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes lost their value and turned into just a piece of paper for us. Clouds of questions formed in each one of us that very moment – Why? What? When? How? Let’s decode the situation first.

The act of cutting the circulation of a currency unit of its status as legal tender is called demonetization. This secret financial surgical strike didn’t kill two but three evils in one shot – Terror financing, counterfeit currency in circulation and a parallel economy. As we know every coin has two sides, this also has its positives and negatives. Let’s dig deep into its impact on Real Estate, an overall contributor of 9 percent to India’s GDP and one of the most capital-intensive sectors in India. This being now the hotspot topic, rumors and news related to Real Estate are spreading like an epidemic. Here’s the view of Mr Chitrak Shah, MD of Shivalik, about the positive effects on Real Estate.

  • Realty industry will become crystal clear. The passing of RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016), the Benami Transactions Act and the current demonetization effect will make the real estate sector more transparent.

  • With banks flooding up with excess cash flow, home loans will become cheaper. The liquidity flow into the banks might ultimately lower home loan EMIs, which in turn will boost the real estate market, as homes will become an affordable investment.

  • Money will flow in the banking system from the unorganized and small scale sectors as well. Crores of new people entering the system means they too will be eligible to get bank loans and fulfill their dreams of owning a house.

In short, as it is said, every cloud has a silver lining, demonetization may have many pros and cons, but we must look at the bigger picture, which will definitely fetch results in the long term.