Re-read the Builder-Buyer Agreement, Before you own your own Dream Home!

Finding your dream home is no less than looking for a life partner. We wish to get all that we have dreamt of and when you finally come face to face with your dream home, there is no limit to the excitement, for sure. But try to pause and hold your horses before you pick up the pen to sign your good name, on the dotted line, on the piece of paper called Builder-Buyer Agreement.

A builder-buyer agreement is an important document while transacting to buy a property. It holds the details of the building/flat specification cost, mode of payment, time of completion and all other clauses, terms and conditions and legal implications, signed by both. It is a legal contract, which can prove beneficial to the buyer, if the developer fails to keep his word on any of the mentioned details in the contract. Also, as it is generally favoured on the builder’s side, it is necessary for the buyer to read it before signing it. Here are the four points to ponder on before you seal the deal.

1. Possession Time-frame:

The agreement mentions a month or a date of possession of the apartment. However, it happens that the construction delays due to some reason. If it exceeds the limit of the time-frame, you can put pressure on the builder on the basis of the agreement.

2. Size of the Home:

The agreement must mention the area of the house you are purchasing. There is a clause stating that the developer can modify or make variations in the plan and designs. Make sure you go through this clause, as in the end, you may get a different size than the promised area of the house. To avoid this situation, ask the builder to mention a range of the size, so that later you are not bound to pay extra charges for an extra area.

3. Price hike Clause:

This is an important clause which you must not miss as it’s all about money. Many builders include this clause so that they can raise the price of the house. In the name of delay in construction, increase in the costs of raw materials, they try to extract money from the buyer. It’s better to discuss it at first, in the presence of a lawyer.

4. Certificate of Completion:

You have all the right to ask and own the completion certificate from the builder. It is a certificate that the builder must obtain from the municipal authorities after the completion of a building. It establishes whether the building complies with the approved plan and is built in accordance with all the safety norms and regulations. So, in case if it is not mentioned in the agreement, you can ask for the clause to be added in it.

Besides these four points, there are a lot of clauses which a builder-buyer agreement must contain. If not, you also have the right to add them. Shivalik Group always provides a buyer friendly agreement. As your dreams are more valuable to us, we always make sure to mention all the important clauses in the agreement and are open to discussing it with the buyer.

So, read and re-read the builder-buyer agreement to get what you always wanted and what you were promised.

Reasons why an office at Iskcon Cross Roads will boom your business

The epicenter of all business activities is shifting to S.G.Highway in Ahmedabad. With all the fancy restaurants, hotels, commercial spaces, MNCs and malls popping up on the highway in the blink of an eye, all recreational and professional activities have found a hearth there. Specially so near Iskcon Cross Roads. Why? Let’s see.

The underpass bearing intercity traveller traffic ends a kilometer before Iskcon Cross Roads. Hence it sees visitor stops for food and stay. There are affordable and luxurious hotels on the stretch.

Premium and exclusive residential schemes are coming up. The highway offers wider roads, vicinity to workplaces, greenery and fresh air.

The youth and families come out for evening strolls and drives on the highway. Also it shares visitors of the Iskcon temple.

So essentially, the whole of Ahmedabad has a reason to flock in the area. Imagine a one stop destination to satiate all the cravings of Ahmedabadis – a magnificent edifice housing cinema theatres, shopping centres, gadget stores, bookstores, fine dine restaurants, pretty cafes and elegant business offices. This only calls for exponential increase in daily human engagements. The cross road is ripe with opportunities to tend to the needs of people who only need more reasons to thrive.

Shivalik Group saw the opportunity in the hindsight, grabbed it with open arms and went wild on imagination to come up with Shivalik Shilp. It hired international architects to design a stunning project with amenities such as multi-level parking, enticing lobby, well-paved margin area, atrium and more. The first impression is of a gigantic, shiny ship.

So why wait to explore more about this lovely project?Visit

Give your home sweet home a summer makeover

The sun is winking from behind the clouds, now and then. It is in the mood of hide and seek. Hey Sun, we get it. Summer is around, OK?

As the sun plays its games, we also get tippity tappity. While we cannot accommodate all the sunniness inside, we paint our surroundings in the same color. So what changes can we make to welcome summer in our homes? We’ve done some homework for you.


It’s time for your furniture to visit outdoors and have a little sunbath. Rustic wooden benches surrounded by jute chairs and adorned with bright colored cushions will entice you for a morning tea, if you have a lawn or a patio. You can paint the furniture in a Benjamin Moore’s Santa Monica Blue, white or some chalky, pale color. These are calm summer colors reminiscent of a beach or a summer house. Go Scandinavian with your furniture!


  • Chalky colors

  • Benjamin Moore’s White Dove

  • Sea green

  • Porter Paints Parsley Tint

  • Benjamin Moore Potpourri Green

The listed colors are breezy, cool and make your place look more spacious than it actually is. The living room can have chalky colors or a cloudy blue tint. While the kitchen can go Dove white. The bedrooms will have a calming effect with greenish hues.

Carpets and curtains

Out go the dark curtains, in come the printed, flowery ones. Let the sunlight pour in and allow your home to bask in some brightness. Let your children engage in their vacation activities on that low wooden desk while a light breeze brings freshness. You can do a wall-to-wall sisal carpeting.

Plants and Swings

Grace your balcony with a chandelier of potted plants. Adorn that coffee table with bright flowers. Not only do they give out fresh air, but also add colors and life to your home. Blooming flower bunches look lovely in the drawing rooms. And how can we forget the hammock? That’s the ultimate goal of the summers. A hat, a pillow, a book and a hammock.

Shivalik Group has a wide range of schemes and projects which can accommodate any summer makeover that you bring this season. It has luxurious bungalow and 4-5 BHK apartment schemes – Shivalik Legacy, Shivalik Paradise, Shivalik Luxuria, Shivalik Florette, Shivalik Residences and Parkview by Shivalik & Sharda. Get in touch with Shivalik Group to know more about all residential schemes.

Relax and chill this summer!

Double your happiness by living a life at Shivalik Residences in Shahibaug.

Shahibaug or the Royal Garden palace, a beautiful slice of Ahmedabad with still having that heritage essence in it, is a location that can please anyone to settle in. This wonderful place was born due to the remarkable contribution by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the then Viceroy of Ahmedabad in 1622. Though with the passage of time it lost its many valuable attractions, some of the gardens, mosques are still in good health that exhibits the royal era. A home at one such prestigious location is undoubtedly a blessing, Shivalik Group has plotted a magnificent 4 and 5 BHK flats on the very soil of Shahibaug known as Shivalik Residences.

With the growing evolution in Ahmedabad, Shahibaug has also been showered with marvellous developments. Layered with religious monuments like Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty’s Dargah, Hanuman camp, Miyan Khan Chishty Mosque, Huteesing Jain temple, Shahibaug is known for having one of the best schools in Ahmedabad – Kendriya Vidyalaya. With countless restaurants, schools, hospitals, saloons, malls and much more, Shahibaug has emerged as the favorite spot for the home buyers now.

Spread across 4375 & 5360 Sq. Ft, Shivalik Residences, the 4 and 5 BHK luxurious flats will reflect your impeccable taste for elegance and luxury. The eclectic interiors and outstanding exteriors will give a classic twist to your lifestyle. You can lift your life to new level with amenities like fully equipped health club, leisure areas for indoor games, common spaces like party lawn, exquisite landscaped garden and pleasant sit outs, 3 automatic elevators for every block, air conditioned entrance foyers, hi-tech security and fire safety systems, Shivalik Residences has a lot more to offer.

Shivalik Residence located at Shahibaug is such a creation of Shivalik Group that will coat your life with comfort and convenience. Explore more at

Live amidst the serenity, live amidst the nature. Live a life at Shivalik Residence!

Shivalik Legacy: Upgrade to a Luxurious Residential Address!

A home to every type of project, Ahmedabad is evolving in the real estate sector with every passing cloud. Moreover, as Ahmedabad, the real estate hub is now emerging as a global city. The taste of housing properties is also undergoing a change. To contribute towards this change, from mid-segment to luxury housing, Shivalik Group has always come up with top-notch ideas. Being eagle-eyed when it comes to innovation and quality, Shivalik Legacy, 4 BHK luxury apartments, spread across 4400 Sq. Ft., is yet another masterful creation that will soon carve its name on the list of classic residential real estate projects.

Not only NRIs, now with the Ahmedabad population also clinging to luxury apartments, Shivalik Legacy will prove to be the absolute palatial home to those searching for their luxury needs. The foremost thing that will attract you to it is an Outdoor Kitchen! An interesting concept to give you an altogether new cooking experience is something that you will find nowhere but only here. Designed with other authentic luxurious amenities like an exquisite landscaped garden and pleasant sit-outs, where you can connect to the nature as well as your family, party lawns to host your celebrations, well-equipped gymnasium and swimming pool to relax and detox yourself, an area for indoor games to enjoy your leisure time, splash pool for children and a poolside outdoor seating lounge, every grandeur will be catered here.

With a promise of upgrading your lifestyle, Shivalik Legacy also ensures your safety and convenience. To provide you with an extra comfort, the well-designed, air-conditioned entrance foyers will surely be a highlight of Shivalik Legacy that you won’t stop talking about. Fashioned with many such amenities and features, Shivalik Legacy, located at one of the most esteemed locations of Ahmedabad, Judges Bungalow Road, is definitely a luxurious residential address that you must upgrade to.

To know more about it, please visit and book your grand living today!

Come and carry forward the legacy!