Homes in areas with Employment Aspects

Missing handmade hot rotis served by your mom even when you say ‘Maa, my tummy is full’? Tired of commuting for hours daily? Is your employer fed up of listening to your excuses during the monsoon season? Dejected about the fact that you have less personal time? Is moving close to work worth it?

Workplace flexibility improves productivity and offers various advantages:

Reduction of Stress:

Research shows that flexible work arrangements may reduce stress because employees working flexibly are more satisfied with their jobs, more satisfied with their lives, and experience better work-family balance. They are highly engaged and less likely to look for a new job in the next year. >

Reducing negative spill over:

Negative spill over can be eliminated by shorter commute as you can have more personal time, which will help you invest time with your hobbies. Removal of negative spill over will surely boost up the efficiency and effectiveness of the employer. Working close to home can help the employee as well as the employer.

Always on time:

As you are near to your office, you will always manage to reach your workplace on time. This will keep all your tasks scheduled on time and keep your employer satisfied.

All these advantages can be achieved by moving to the attractive community of Shivalik. Shivalik presents residential places close by commercial projects, which will make your commute period shorter as compared to before. It will also increase your chance to be selected by a company as they will see you as a “Stable Candidate”. What can be better than a satisfying job with better living conditions? Career as well as fancy living in the city is what Shivalik follows.

Shivalik Business Centre in one of the elitist area (SG Highway), which has various residential projects. Shivalik also has other commercial projects which are in progress currently:

Shivalik Shilp and Shivalik Satyamev are two of the commercial projects which are under construction currently. They are located near Iscon Cross Road and Bopal respectively, to cater the residential spaces nearby.

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The importance of eco-friendly living

  • Uniting nature with you!

With changing lifestyles and hectic work schedules, we prefer to tuck in close proximity with nature. Breathe in the fresh air and take a stroll in the landscape garden to kick-start our days have been a pattern of living in the modern scenario. People prefer to dwell in homes nestled close to water bodies and serene surroundings.

  • Moving from chaos to green:

Diminishing of air pollution and away from the congested premises, an eco-friendly living is an everyday escape. There is a high rise in the development of eco-friendly homes, condos and communities with increasing global warming and modern preferences.

Shivalik Group has rediscovered homes and communities where families can stay in the sheer joy of togetherness in the lush surroundings. Located across the beautiful Manipur Lake, Shivalik Lakeview offers a mesmerizing view of the tranquil lake. Dwelling in a lush environment, the property provides spacious lawns and wide driveways coupled with modern conveniences and niceties. Shivalik Lakeview is nestled close to even a Jain Derasar.

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Importance of Architecture in Commercial Buildings

In some provinces, it’s the architectural beauty that sustains forever.

The transition in the architecture of commercial buildings is the most tangible change that has occurred due to modern approach and requirements. In the twenty-first century, office spaces are planned as per the technically advanced working surrounding. It must accommodate the specific space, design, and furniture necessitated by the team. A lot of thought is conferred to the interior, art installations in public and meeting areas as well as the green approach. A commercial space should be such that meets the requirements of its team and visitors along with an upgraded and modern exterior.

A great office setting certainly compels you to come back at work. The typical commercial building must have:

  • Spacious offices
  • Administrative rooms
  • A storehouse
  • A reception
  • Separate elevators
  • Enough parking spaces
  • Cafeteria
  • Guest toilets
  • Small fitness center
  • Green surrounding
  • Emergency exist


It’s the façade that strengthens the interior of the office spaces and inculcates the desire to make the purchase action. Hence, the first impression is crucial from the design perspective. Façade depicts the vision of the architect and builder. It is very imperative due to its impact on energy efficiency. A series of small gardens can bring a sense of closeness to nature.

The building

With the change in design approach and increasing need for comfort & convenience, commercial buildings have gone beyond office structures and elevators. A modern day office building will house administrative rooms, convenience stores to stock the material, separate elevators for passengers, workers and executives, a cafeteria or a small canteen, a rooftop fitness center and much more. Systematic planning, design, artistic approach and placement decision play a crucial role. Keeping green attitude is highly appreciated.

Office space

Office space should be designed in such a manner that it can combat the stress of the team. It also tells your clients what to expect from the place. Floor plan and layout of the office setting should be straightforward. Jazz up the team desks, recreational space and public access area for brainstorming. Make a room for enough storage spaces and a kitchenette.

It is rightly said that the way a person works can be directed a little by architecture. We consider this before planning our projects.

The Shivalik Group presents you with our most magnificent and detailed architectural piece in the form of Shivalik Shilp 2, a luxurious commercial space for offices and shops located at Keshavbaug, Ahmedabad. Housed with state-of-the-art modern office spaces, gymnasium, cafeteria, 24/7 power backup and terrace garden, the commercial space is available for sale.

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What makes the perfect business hub?

A perfect business hub promises a convenient shelter to businessmen to kick start & accelerate their business. In today’s time, when co-working spaces have emerged among upcoming entrepreneurs and for the dire need of luxury among the existing business classes, the commercial spaces don’t operate in a traditional manner anymore. Catering to these diverse mindsets with contemporary infrastructure, latest technology, prime location with recreational activities, and distilling with other elements of comfort & luxury can decide upon the success of a business hub.

We’ve listed down a few imperative elements that make a business hub iconic & preferable:

Suitable Location

While commencing any business, one of the major concerns is the location of the office. A space in the commercial hub of a city may be served with a price tag. But it’s worth the investment, for it bestows location benefits & convenience to commute. With right commercial locations, networking is an add-on, so is credibility.

Ravishing Inside & Outside

The office space should illuminate and inspire the business minds with its contemporary interior- high ceiling, rich interior, quiet zones, and cubicles for discussions with abundance of natural light, modern furniture and dynamic space. Also, office blocks should be spacious enough to bestow freedom to the clients. Sorted arrangement of furniture is a must.

Designed with Luxurious Amenities

It’s better to have another for spare. Isn’t it? 02 elevators can cope up with the rush hour traffic. Key facilities that are a must include 24/7 security, receptionist, business lounges, communal kitchen, and cleaning and maintenance. Also, spacious passages and CCTV cameras in the common area at each floor and a huge parking space can do wonders.

A perfect business hub shouldn’t be a dream. Choose a space that suits you & your business best with Shivalik’s commercial spaces. Shivalik offers customization of the workspace and a wide variety of furniture styles to bestow you with utmost comfort, convenience and luxury.

Accelerate the growth of your business with us!
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Is buying a new home better than fixing up an older one?

The fixed deposit you started 2 decades back has matured. You’ve got a promotion at work and have a lot of money saved. Your kids are big enough to have separate rooms. You know you are at a good place in your life and want to make bigger living space. But you are on the fence about renovating the current place or buying a new one? Let’s weigh different factors to help you decide.

Major reasons to move include:

  • You want a different location; e.g., closer proximity to work or shopping.

  • You want better schools for children.

  • You don’t like your neighborhood

  • You want a bigger place

  • No space around to expand your home

  • You want to keep in mind a child’s marriage

  • The current house is deteriorating

Reasons to remodel include:

  • You like your neighborhood and location

  • It is closer to schools,workplace, etc.

  • You like the floor plan of your place

  • You think it will be easier to get your dream home by remodeling

  • Your neighbors have bigger and better houses

  • Current house is ancestral and looks very old

Consider these while making up your mind:

  • The price you could sell your home for and the cost of a home that you could buy that would meet your needs.
  • The cost to remodel and the payback. Payback is the amount your home will appreciate because of the remodel. You can ask an architect for an approximate cost of remodelling.

More often than not, most people decide to move to a new place.

Shivalik has a broad range of luxurious and exclusive apartments to suit your needs.The amenities offered provide a wholesome life with a healthy lifestyle. Visit to know more about our projects.

Happy living!