Importance of Architecture in Commercial Buildings

In some provinces, it’s the architectural beauty that sustains forever.

The transition in the architecture of commercial buildings is the most tangible change that has occurred due to modern approach and requirements. In the twenty-first century, office spaces are planned as per the technically advanced working surrounding. It must accommodate the specific space, design, and furniture necessitated by the team. A lot of thought is conferred to the interior, art installations in public and meeting areas as well as the green approach. A commercial space should be such that meets the requirements of its team and visitors along with an upgraded and modern exterior.

A great office setting certainly compels you to come back at work. The typical commercial building must have:

  • Spacious offices
  • Administrative rooms
  • A storehouse
  • A reception
  • Separate elevators
  • Enough parking spaces
  • Cafeteria
  • Guest toilets
  • Small fitness center
  • Green surrounding
  • Emergency exist


It’s the façade that strengthens the interior of the office spaces and inculcates the desire to make the purchase action. Hence, the first impression is crucial from the design perspective. Façade depicts the vision of the architect and builder. It is very imperative due to its impact on energy efficiency. A series of small gardens can bring a sense of closeness to nature.

The building

With the change in design approach and increasing need for comfort & convenience, commercial buildings have gone beyond office structures and elevators. A modern day office building will house administrative rooms, convenience stores to stock the material, separate elevators for passengers, workers and executives, a cafeteria or a small canteen, a rooftop fitness center and much more. Systematic planning, design, artistic approach and placement decision play a crucial role. Keeping green attitude is highly appreciated.

Office space

Office space should be designed in such a manner that it can combat the stress of the team. It also tells your clients what to expect from the place. Floor plan and layout of the office setting should be straightforward. Jazz up the team desks, recreational space and public access area for brainstorming. Make a room for enough storage spaces and a kitchenette.

It is rightly said that the way a person works can be directed a little by architecture. We consider this before planning our projects.

The Shivalik Group presents you with our most magnificent and detailed architectural piece in the form of Shivalik Shilp 2, a luxurious commercial space for offices and shops located at Keshavbaug, Ahmedabad. Housed with state-of-the-art modern office spaces, gymnasium, cafeteria, 24/7 power backup and terrace garden, the commercial space is available for sale.

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