Homes in areas with Employment Aspects

Missing handmade hot rotis served by your mom even when you say ‘Maa, my tummy is full’? Tired of commuting for hours daily? Is your employer fed up of listening to your excuses during the monsoon season? Dejected about the fact that you have less personal time? Is moving close to work worth it?

Workplace flexibility improves productivity and offers various advantages:

Reduction of Stress:

Research shows that flexible work arrangements may reduce stress because employees working flexibly are more satisfied with their jobs, more satisfied with their lives, and experience better work-family balance. They are highly engaged and less likely to look for a new job in the next year. >

Reducing negative spill over:

Negative spill over can be eliminated by shorter commute as you can have more personal time, which will help you invest time with your hobbies. Removal of negative spill over will surely boost up the efficiency and effectiveness of the employer. Working close to home can help the employee as well as the employer.

Always on time:

As you are near to your office, you will always manage to reach your workplace on time. This will keep all your tasks scheduled on time and keep your employer satisfied.

All these advantages can be achieved by moving to the attractive community of Shivalik. Shivalik presents residential places close by commercial projects, which will make your commute period shorter as compared to before. It will also increase your chance to be selected by a company as they will see you as a “Stable Candidate”. What can be better than a satisfying job with better living conditions? Career as well as fancy living in the city is what Shivalik follows.

Shivalik Business Centre in one of the elitist area (SG Highway), which has various residential projects. Shivalik also has other commercial projects which are in progress currently:

Shivalik Shilp and Shivalik Satyamev are two of the commercial projects which are under construction currently. They are located near Iscon Cross Road and Bopal respectively, to cater the residential spaces nearby.

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